The different Radio stations in Munich

When we travel, we usually have our favourite music with us. Be it on the smartphone or the MP3 player. But sometimes we also listen to the local radio stations. For example, when we are in a hotel room and can simply zap through the radio stations or cannot pair our smartphone in a rental car.

Luxury and 5-Star hotels in munich

all you need for your luxury stay

Munich is known for its luxury hotels. Especially in the inner city and around the Altstadt (Old Town) there are plenty of luxury and five-star hotels. In Munich, luxury hotels usually offer the following services:

Find your high class hotel in Munich now. Choose between five-star hotels or hotels that redefine luxury. Everything is possible in Munich.

There are many mid-range hotels to choose from in Munich. Just follow the recommendations and find the best hotel for your stay.

Mid-Range & business hotels in munich

affordable and good accomodation

You want to explore the Bavarian capital but you love to wake up in a nice and cosy hotel room, where you start your day with a nice and rich breakfast? Welcome to Munich’s affordable mid-range and business hotels. There are plenty of them to choose from. Find the best hotel in Munich for you. Usually these hotels offer the following:

Business hotels in munich

A place to rest and relax after a meeting

In Munich you can find lots of international companies and branch offices. Munich is therefore a hot spot for business travellers from all over the world coming for meetings, or even for a longer period to work. For those hard working people, Munich has many good specific business hotels coming with:

Start looking for your perfect business hotel. Hint: try to find a hotel that both combines the possibility to do sightseeing (in case you have spare time) and a good connection to the airport or central station.

There are lots of cheap accomodation possibilites. Most of them are really good, but avoid those far away from public transport options, unless you have a rental car.

simple but good hotels in munich

bargain accomodation for travellers on a budget

You don’t need to spend lots of money to find a good accomodation in Munich. There are plenty of mostly private run hotels, hostels or Bed & Breakfasts that offer:

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