The best time to visit Munich - January?

When is the best time to visit Munich? Whenever you go to a destination abroad where you’ve never been before, you will ask yourself: When should I go there? Are there “good” or “bad” months? Of course every city looks far better on a nice sunny day than in heavy rain. There are only a few places in the world where it doesn’t matter when to go, as the weather conditions are always perfect. Unfortunately, Munich is not such a place. Also hotel prices vary throughout the seasons. Here I will tell you about the best months of the year when you should visit Munich, and of course when you should avoid visiting Munich. This time I will tell you about the things you can expect throughout January in Munich.

January in Munich

Until around January 6th, there is still the “Christmas High Season” going on in Munich. January 6th is a National Holiday (Epiphany) and most Germans enjoy the last days of their Christmas holidays. People go skiing to the Alps, enjoy a winter walk through Munich’s parks and woods and try to digest the masses of food eaten from Christmas to New Year’s Day. But generally after New Year’s Day everything settles.

After January 6th all people go back to work and the extreme low season in Munich begins. January is also the kick-off of the “real winter” in Munich. It is getting quite cold, it might be snowing or have slushy rain and everything is freezing around 0°C (32°F). There might be also some sunny, but really icey days.

My recommendation: In January you can enjoy the winter feeling. If you like to take a walk in the fresh icey air, visit a few museums and try different beer halls, January might be a bargain month for you.

National Holidays during January in Munich

Learn about the National Holidays during this month as well as other festivities you will encounter when travelling to Munich in January.

January 1st is a National Holiday in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All shops are closed, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops are usually open. Expect full restaurants as many people meet family/ friends and have a New Year's brunch or dinner.

January 6th is a National Holiday in Germany. In German this day is called (Heilige Drei König or Dreikönigstag). Literally translated "Day of the Three Kings". English speakers would say "Epiphany".

All shops are closed, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops are usually open.

Weather in Munich - January

January is a very cold month to visit Munich. Also the chance is high to see significant amounts of snow. Some days also can be sunny, but expect very cold temperatures around 0°C / 32° F and sometimes an icey wind from the east. Even on sunny days always wear a warm jacket, a hat and use gloves and a scarf. Also don’t forget your warm boots when visiting Munich during January.

Average sunshine hours:
2 hours
Daylight maximum (hours):
8:30 - 9:15
very cold
Outdoor activities (walking, hiking, cycling, beergardening, etc.):
not good
Tourist Density (tourists in the city):
Stress factor:
Hotel prices:

Would I recommend travelling to Munich in January?

If you’re ice and snow-proof and you’re not easily catching a cold, Munich during January can really be a bargain month for you. The prices for hotel rooms are really low as well as airfares. If you’re lucky, you will catch sunny but cold days to do sightseeing. You can also consider doing daytrips to the Austrian cities Salzburg, Innsbruck and even Vienna. Or go skiing in the Alps. The Alps are just 1-2 hours away by train or car. If you like to stay in and around Munich, you can also visit Museums, Art Galleries and enjoy Bavarian cuisine in the traditional restaurants. Of course outdoor activities are really limited due to the cold temperatures, but if you can live without visiting a beer garden (they’re closed during winter) and cycling through the city, then Munich is a good travel destination – even in January.