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Munich, Bavaria is a beautiful gem in Germany, attracting more than 7 million tourists a year. The tradition, heritage and of course festivals like the world’s famous Oktoberfest additionally boost Munich’s tourism.

As Munich is also near the Alps and the borders to Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Czech Republic are quite easy to reach, the city is also a great basecamp for daytrips, excursions or a European roadtrip.

wheretostayinmunich.com tries to offer a comprehensive and one-stop help for every traveller planning to visit Munich. Be it a stopover during a Europe vacation, a one week Oktoberfest-visit, a layover while waiting for a connection flight or a business visit.

As a experienced traveller, I realized whenever you start searching for hotels, flights, public transport, restaurants and all other things you want to know about your travel destination, you have to look through dozens of websites and blogs. Every website offers different information. And the quality of the given information has a range from really bad to great and useful.

With wheretostayinmunich.com I want to give you and your fellow travellers a comprehensive one-stop information platform about Munich. Look for hotels and accomodations in Munich suiting your needs, get honest recommendations from me, a real local. Find out how Munich works in guides, get tips and tricks and find out whch sight in Bavaria’s capital is worth visiting and which is not.

So start exploring!


Where to Stay

Are you looking for a luxury hotel downtown? Or do you just need a place to rest your head in Munich? Are you travelling with your family? Or do you have a business meeting? Munich has lots of different hotels suiting your needs. Find the best hotel type for your stay in Munich.

Flights to Munich

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nonstop destinations

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How to get to Munich? Find the best airfares, times and flights for your trip to Munich, southern Bavaria and western Austria


Munich International Airport (Franz Josef Strauss Airport) is the best known international Airport when it comes to flights to southern Germany. It is the second busiest airport in Germany handling over 45 Million travellers per year. Munich Intl. was also one of the first 5-Star rated airports in the world. Read on to learn more about Munich International Airport, its facilities, transport options, layovers, on-site hotels and of course how to book cheap flights to Munich.

Restaurants & Eating out in Munich

Of course you can dive deep into hearty and meaty German dishes in the traditional restaurants (“Wirtsh√§user”) and beer halls, but Munich is not only German food.

In Munich you can enjoy nearly all international cuisines. From Italian Pizza & Pasta, Greek Souvlaki, Indian Curries, Burgers, and Asian dishes to Steaks and desserts. Munich is also a foodie city. I like to share my recommendations about Munich’s restaurants, coffeeshops and streetfood with you.

It is very easy and convenient to get around Munich (and from the airport to the city and back). Be it with a rental car or with the different types of public transport. Compared to the size of Munich, the city has a very extensive public transport network consisting of urban rail services, subways, tramways and buses. Of course you can also take a taxi. Learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of the different transport types, the costs and how to buy tickets.

Getting around Munich

See & Do / Sightseeing in Munich

Munich has hundreds of sights. Churches, palaces, parks, monuments, museums, documentation centres, galleries and landmarks. Additional you will find different festivals and events like Oktoberfest or the annual Christmas Market.

Find now your favourite spot in Munich and find out which sights are woth visiting.

The Munich local magazine

How does Munich, bavaria and Germany work? What can you expect as a traveller coming to Munich. What are the pitfalls you can run into when you’re not used to the culture? Is Munich a safe spot? Are there no go areas? May I drink water from tap? Is it possible to reserve a seat for Oktoberfest next year? All these travel related questions will be answered in the “Munich local” magazine.